10 Useful Facebook Page Applications for Your UK-Based Online Business

Online Business

Looking for a way to improve your Facebook strategy? Look no further and take advantage of these 10 Facebook page apps for your UK-based online business, website, store!


The best thing about Facebook apps – they don’t require technical background or effort and they are super easy to use. These apps allow you to customize your Facebook page in a way that improved the experience for your followers, visitors, and potential customers.


If you want to attract more customers, double the sales, and maximize your revenue, using these Facebook page apps is the best way to do it. It is a chance for you to take your UK-based online business, website, store on the next level:

  1. Ripe Social: Ripe Social offers more than 10 apps to build a customized Facebook Page. It is a great strategy, especially if you want to build a custom brand.
  2. Pagemodo: This app will help you create custom tabs for your page. If you want to add a welcome page, feature your products, offer coupons, show maps, and etc. you can easily create professional Facebook tabs for your business.
  3. TabSite: An app that allows you to build promotional tabs for Facebook such as lead capture, contests, video, sweepstakes, and more. With this app, you can create tabs in a few minutes.
  4. MailChimp: By integrating MailChimp with your Facebook business page, you can grow your email list and successfully share your campaigns.
  5. Storefront Social: With Storefront Social, you can easily start a Facebook store and immediately start selling. You can add products to your Facebook page, publish to your business page, customize the offerings, and set up a checkout system.
  6. Shortstack: When using this app, you can create promotions, campaigns, contests, and more for your Facebook page. You can also set up entry restrictions and voting.
  7. Polldaddy: This app has direct integration with the Facebook platform and allows you to run all kinds of Polldaddy surveys, polls, quizzes, and more. Any quizzes and polls you create will be available for you to see and manage in your own dashboard.
  8. Networked Blogs: An app that allows you to automatically publish your website articles or blog posts to Facebook. You can easily integrate your business’s blog with your Facebook page and showcase your business and brand in an appealing way.
  9. Fan of the Week: An app that awards points to followers and fans based on their liking activity. You can discover your biggest fans and most loyal followers.
  10. Live Chat for Facebook: With this app, you can easily chat with your customers on social media and allow your website visitors to chat as well.


There you go – 10 best apps to integrate your website with Facebook!