How to effectively sell with messenger
on your Shopify ecommerce in India

There are so many different ecommerce strategies out there that you can use, that it can be quite difficult to figure out which one is the right one for your business. A strategy that more and more business owners are using is selling with the Facebook Messenger app from their own Shopify ecommerce website all over the world, as well as in India. Since the messenger app is something that most people know and already use it has become a tool that can help businesses increase their sales and even get back customers have abandoned their carts which as an immediate positive impact. Today we are going to tell a bit more about how you can effectively sell on messenger on your Shopify ecommerce, so make sure to keep reading to learn some great tips.

Used personalized messages

Effectiveness and responsiveness are key

If you want to really have great results from selling with messenger through Shopify then you need to be prepared to be effective when it comes to responding to the messages form your customers. Unlike emails where there is an understanding that the response time is longer, with chat people expect to get their response as soon as possible, and since most of the time people decide to chat to the brands while making a purchase, it is also in your best interest to respond quickly. If you can’t be the one that responds to everyone then you need to have a strategy and people on stand-by or even get a chatbot in place. Responsiveness is everything and you need to do it as effectively as possible in order for messenger to work to your advantage.

Set up auto-responses

As we already mentioned above, responsiveness is everything and sometimes no matter how much you plan there will be a time where you can’t be there. In that case the best strategy would be to get another employee that knows the business just as much as you do and that is willing to work 24 hours a day, but since that is pretty much impossible, you need another option. Luckily, there are some great services out there that offer you the ability to automatically respond to any questions and this works in a very similar way to how trigger-based marketing does. A good option that will help you deal with responsiveness when you want to sell with messenger from Shopify in India is Manychat. You will be able to create a pretty decent amount of automated responses that will be triggered by certain keywords. And if you actually take your time and come up with some good Al-based responses, then you will be able to sit back and relax and let the program do the work for you most of the time until there is actual need for you to step in.

Set up auto-responses

Used personalized messages

No matter how many new ways of marketing come and go if there is one thing that will always stay the same is the fact that personalized messages and personalization in general is always at the center of the most effective marketing. When you write the right message you have pretty much won have the battle when it comes to getting more sales. When you are dealing with personalization in the world of ecommerce there is more to it than just knowing the customer’s name and if you want to send them truly personalized messages you have to look at their purchase history. This type of personalized messages is a bit more difficult when you are talking to someone on an app like messenger on your Shopify ecommerce, so you need to make sure you are well prepared beforehand.

If you want to get better results from your business, better sales and more money, then you need to try to sell with messenger through your Shopify ecommerce. We hope that you will give this app a try for your own business in India because we are positive you will get some great results for your ecommerce business with Shopify in no time.

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